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Sweet Success Supreme’s main ingredient is Gymnema Sylvestre, which helps naturally regulate glucose levels in the blood. The oat fibre, apple fibre and rice bran can generate a greater sense of satiety and promotes better intestinal transit.

Sweet Success Supreme is beneficial for the Endocrine System. It works with the body to regulate glucose levels in the blood and uses fat for energy. Sweet Success promotes weight loss and reduces anxiety for sweet foods, due to the presence of Gymnema Sylvestre and Chromium.


Chromium plays a decisive role in the prevention of diseases and Cardiovascular in diabetes because it balances the sugar level in the blood and is involved in the metabolism of fats, in particular for cholesterol levels that are not performing. With Sweet Success, you can control your intake of sweets and blood pressure.


  • Control the levels of glucose in the blood, is especially beneficial for diabetic and hyperglycemic.
  • It regulates sugar levels that receive food, absorbing the necessary and removing excess.
  • Helps control cravings for sweet foods.
  • Allows naturally reduce the extra fat accumulated in our tissues also helping to reduce overweight.
  • Helps produce insulin.
  • Ideal for diabetics combination: Sweet Success + Optimus + Teatino Lemon
  • When diabetes is acting up, it is essential to take Sweet Success + Optimus.
  • Chromium helps regulate blood pressure, prevent hardening of the arteries and to enhance the actions of insulin.




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