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Starbien is a powder mix used to prepare a refreshing drink that provides energy to the brain and body. It is an energy drink that feeds the muscles and satisfying their need for carbohydrates. Also, it is a high-performance formulation that works as a supplier of nutrients that the brain needs for athletes and people.

Starbien’s careful selection of nutrients, vitamins and minerals produced a pleasant feeling of well-being, as it provides energy to the muscles and the mind. It also contains fructose, apple fibre and beta carotene, a powerful blend of vitamins, such as A, B2, B12 and C. It also provides several essential minerals, including calcium, chromium, copper, zinc and potassium.


Besides being Starbien is valued for a high physical and mental performance during long hours of the day. It is also especially beneficial for pregnant women because of their content of folic acid.

It contains 50% of the recommended daily dose of folic acid which helps the formation of the spinal cord and nervous tissue of the fetus in the first three months of pregnancy. Its deficiency can cause birth defects in the baby, so the Starbien is a great ally in high demand activities such as bodybuilding, athletics and working with computers.


  • Ensures maximum physical and mental performance.
  • It contains apple fibre that aids digestion and weight loss.
  • Energizes on the muscle.
  • Combat stress.
  • Helps eliminate muscle pain and cramps.
  • Acts against fluid retention.
  • It is ideal for athletes and bodybuilders.
  • Strengthens and firms (tone) to the muscles.
  • It’s recommended for people with high working days that need to keep their minds running efficiently.
  • It helps the pain go away or injury of bones and muscles, and cramps.
  • Excellent for people who last long-standing or sitting (executives, computer programmers, etc.).
  • Drink it a few hours before drinking is ideal to avoid the famous hangover the next day.


Natural orange flavour


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