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Omnilife Optimus helps to nourish the brain and improves memory and intellectual coefficient. This amazing nutritional supplement powder is used to prepare a fresh drink that benefits the brain and the entire nervous system. It is a formula used to revitalise brainpower which together with vitamin B5 produces acetylcholine, the best neurotransmitter in the central nervous system.

Brain nutrient aid your memory and IQ. Incredible nutritional powder to prepare a cold drink that benefits the brain and the entire nervous system. It became a formula to revitalise the power of the brain through the hill (amino acid), which along with vitamin B5 produces acetylcholine which is the best neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. Amazing food supplement for the brain and the central nervous system that controls the five senses. Contains fructose, citrus extracts, vitamin C (ascorbic acid). A large group of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Among the hill, taurine, niacin, vitamin E, biotin, vitamins B, copper, zinc, sodium, malic acid, fumaric acid, and protein.


  • It promotes the production of neurotransmitters, improving intellectual performance, and is a powerful ally to improve memory and clarity of thought.
  • Benefits children and students as it helps improve concentration and memory, raising IQ.
  • Controls insomnia, migraines and a significant number of related nerves, anxiety stress, headaches, premature ageing disorders.
  • Promotes the emotional state of people with anger issues.
  • It is essential in helping to communicate and exchange information between neurons transmitting nerve impulses and improving brain coordination.
  • Niacin improves blood circulation, regulates blood pressure, helps the production of sex hormones, insulin production and cortisone.
  • Vitamin B6 is essential in the production of blood.
  • Improves vision significantly.
  • Chromium is involved in the metabolism of sugars and fats helping to control weight, enhances the action of insulin (ideal for diabetics).
  • Taurine with zinc benefits the overall health of people with epilepsy convulsing, Parkinson Alzheimer’s, stroke (strokes), aneurysms, improves individuals with speech (dis fascia caused by a disorder in the left cerebral hemisphere), dyslexia (difficulty writing).

Optimus One tablespoon equals 10 KG. of fish.


Lime and Lemon


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