ONE PER MEAL (540 G Bottle)

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ONE PER MEAL (540 G Bottle)

540 G Bottle

One Per Meal is a delicious powder mixture used to prepare a tasty mango flavour drink. With its contribution of minerals and vitamins, it fulfils the objective of complementing the deficiencies of nutrients in food.

Foods loses nutrients during the preparation processes to which they are subjected. One Per Meal is ideal to balance these losses. One of the biggest factors in ageing is oxidation produced in cells by free radicals generated by environmental pollution. A diseased cell reproduces other diseased cells; this process of degeneration can be delayed using the antioxidant One Per Meal is the best.


  • It produces a large high-performance antioxidant effect in the body.
  • Fights free radicals.
  • Protects cells against damage produced by free radicals.
  • It’s recommended for those who have entered middle age.
  • Regulates body temperature.
  • The One Per Meal is the most powerful antioxidant available to us, it is also a significant source of micronutrients (quip micos elements that our body needs in small amounts), despite being essential to its proper functioning.
  • Delays cellular ageing, protects us from degenerative diseases (cancer, fibroids, diabetes, prostate, rheumatism, arthritis).




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