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Omniman Supreme 40+ was developed for older men and contains cranberry, lycopene, and elements that favor the functioning of the urinary tract and prostate health. It assists with the intake of vitamins and minerals and support physiological functions, especially after 40 years.

From age 40, men are more likely to develop an infection in the urinary tract. Most of these infections are caused by bacteria and can affect any part of the urinary tract, although the lower part -composed through the urethra and your bladder is usually the most affected.

This infection is known as cystitis. When the infection spreads to higher parts of the urinary tract, up through the ureters to the kidneys it is called pyelonephritis and is usually more severe.

Some of the symptoms or ailments that occur are:

  • Dysuria (pain and / or burning when urinating)
  • Bad smell of urine
  • Turbidity of urine (not transparent urine)
  • fever (fever)
  • General discomfort
  • pollakiuria (frequent urination and small amounts)

In addition to diseases of the urinary tract, men must take special care of their prostate.

The prostate is a gland that surrounds the tube that carries urine from the bladder to outside the body. With age, it increases slowly in size, and if too large, it can cause problems.

The enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), can cause problems with urination, such as:

  • Pain when starting to urinate
  • Dribbling after urinating
  • Feeling that the bladder has not emptied completely
  • Loss of bladder control (incontinence)
  • The most serious prostate disease is cancer.

It is critical that men over 40 years become aware of their healthcare because after that age the prostate can be altered.




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