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Homo is a powder mixture used to prepare a delicious green apple flavour drink. This drink helps the male hormonal balance. It helps you lose weight and control cravings for sweet foods. This delicious mixture of powder aids in preparing a beverage specifically designed to enhance male reproductive system functions.

Main Benefit:

Omnilife’s Homo beverage is a powerful formula that includes a careful selection of both soluble vitamins, water and oil. It’s an essential element for healthy male hormone function, tricalcium phosphate, Poli nicotinate chromium, fructose, malic acid, calcium, zinc, boron, vitamin C, Lactitol, Maltodextrin, Silicon, Soy Lecithin, Xanthan Gum, Palmitic of Ascorbic, Citric acid, etc.

Omnilife’s Homo regulates levels of sugar we get from food because it helps the body absorb the necessary and remove excess. It helps you lose weight and control cravings for sweet foods. It is especially beneficial for all young and adult men with impaired sexual masculine hormonal balance of impotence.

Combined HOMO + POWER MAKER + EGOMINT helps to eliminate prostate problems, preventing cancer. The production of quality and quantity sperm, every day.



Green Apple


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