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Fibre is essential for all of us. The Fiber’N Mor benefits the health of all people, as it promotes the proper functioning of our digestive system, and helps the early elimination of waste. It reduces the risk of colon and rectal cancer, and contribute to reducing harmful cholesterol.


Fiber’N Mor is a nutritional supplement powder that when prepared is a rich drink and cleans and protects the entire digestive system. It’s a dietary supplement rich in fibre and low in calories for the proper functioning of the digestive system. It contains water-soluble fibres that enter the bloodstream and the gut. Fibre’N Mor also contains vitamins A, C, D, and minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Fiber N’Mor favours the transit of food and helps the body release toxins that create disease and tiredness and maintain healthy intestinal flora. Fiber ‘N Mor contains, among other essential ingredients, natural fibres such as oat bran, corn bran, soybean fibre powders and papaya, plum and beets and active lactobacillus. It is an excellent aid in weight loss as it helps to discard fat and cholesterol. By facilitating intestinal transit fights constipation, which favours the prevention of colon cancer, diverticulitis and haemorrhoids disease. It also helps against diarrhoea, colitis and gastritis, as well as against excess acidity.


  • Cleans of impurities, allowing efficient absorption of nutrients to be taken in.
  • Helps fight gastritis, colitis, constipation, ulcers, haemorrhoids etc.
  • Help in problems caused by poor digestion of flour, acidity or heartburn.
  • Reduces the risk of colorectal cancer and / or.
  • Stimulates bowel motility.
  • Contains lactobacilli living phyla acid increases the normal intestinal flora, improving intestinal and digestive functioning in general.
  • Decreases plasma cholesterol levels.
  • Applied masks help acne problems.
  • Helps to better maintenance of bones and teeth, helping the better functioning of the involuntary muscles (heart) and to better fibre excitability and nerve centres
  • Helps control weight.
  • Helps control uric acid in the blood.
  • It is an aid in controlling blood pressure
  • It is an auxiliary control triglyceride and cholesterol.
  • Helps remove skin blemishes (cloths) caused by digestive problems.
  • It is an aid in problems of typhoid and any gastrointestinal infection.
  • It is an aid to infection or stones in the gallbladder.
  • It is an aid in haemorrhoid problems and constipation.


Peach and Papaya


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