What is organic beauty?

Creams, concealers, primers, foundations, lipsticks and eye shadows are products that are part of our makeup bag and that we also use as part of our beauty routine. However, we don’t always stop to think about what we are actually applying to our skin. This is when eco cosmetics are presented as an alternative to all these ‘conventional’ cosmetics. The secret of this rising beauty movement is simple. It is suitable for all skin types and has a dual purpose: aesthetic and sensory

What are its benefits

This new trend that pursues the connection between the body and nature, regenerates, protects and cares for the skin. Natural cosmetics is committed to a “no rush” cosmetic that eliminates the “miraculous” concept from the map, treating the skin in depth and understanding its vital needs. By pointing to this trend, we will have started a really positive process with long-term benefits. Additionally, by not using chemicals in its preparation, the environment also benefits from this kind of “honest” cosmetics

Its labeling

It is very direct and very green. 95% of the ingredients that make up this type of cosmetics are of natural origin. Vegetable and essential oils, toxin-free raw materials, plant extracts, clays, waxes and perfumes are extracted from nature. In short, chemical-free products that the body recognizes and also knows how to make the most of its properties.

The list of components that appears on the packaging is ordered from highest to lowest depending on their concentration.

Therefore, in the case of looking for a high dose of a certain product for its benefits, you should study the label carefully and ensure that it is among the first options