Why do people look for organic products?

In recent years, organic products (also called eco or bio) have experienced a tremendous growth in the world. We give you seven reasons (in case you haven’t considered it) to include them in your daily diet. Organic products have gone from being considered a gourmet product, expensive and in exclusive to specialty stores, to being common in places that we frequent when buying food, with a wide variety of references, at an affordable price and easy to find in all kinds of shops. It’s not a ephemeral fad. Demand is increasing every day, because there is also a greater awareness in society and the certainty that these products are healthier for humans, and equally beneficial to animals and the environment. Fortunately, there are also more and more brands that share this ecological philosophy.

But what exactly are organic foods? These are foods which are 100% natural that are obtained without using chemicals in all stages: from growth (of plants and animals) to production, and finally to distribution. These organic processes are respectful of nature, people, and consequently bring a

What are the benefits of micellization?

  1. Increased absorption.
  2. Higher plasma levels.
  3. Faster absorption.
  4. Increased tissue levels.
  5. Does not contain polysorbates.
  6. Immune to gastric juices and enzymes.
  7. Easy-to-take liquid formulation.
  8. No alcohol.

Our Products

Our food and cosmetic products are produced in Latin America.

Food products develop 3 essential functions in our body:

  • Detox
  • Nurture
  • Strengthen

Our beauty line is made with 100% natural ingredients. It is an amazing line of cosmetics and is the perfect path to body care for all those who want to look good.